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HRH Success

We have returned from our gig on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell 7 and we're pleased to say that it was a total success. We can't wait 'till the GUN show next week. See you there, hopefully!


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New site, new album, new dates

So, it’s all go at Logan HQ. We have just confirmed some festival dates, but we can only tell you about one right now! The finishing touches are being put to the new site and the album is coming along amazingly well. We are all really happy, see? 


We can’t wait for you to hear the new songs. We feel happier than ever in the studio and we truly believe that you can actually hear that in the songs. At time of writing this blog, everything is down except for some vocals and some lead guitar. It is sounding SO SO good. Check out Stef and Max in action:image

You might think these pictures have been filtered by Instagram, but that’s just how the good vibes in the room affect light. These were taken on Stef’s Nokia 3210, from the 80s.


Speaking of Instagram, you are probably reading this blog on our new site. We put quite a bit of thought into this new site and we hope you like it. In todays social media obsessed world we wanted a site that collates everything in one place. The end result is what you see in front of you.

The latest videos are pulled in from YouTube, latest images from Instagram Stef’s 3210,  the Twitter feed is here, our blog is pulled in from Tumblr… It’s all here (Well, except Facebook, but there’s a link to that!) and it all updates automatically, the process for developing a site like this is called “magic”.

Here’s another pic:


If you’re reading this on the site then we must have released the festival news. How exciting is that? Festivals! We’re truly delighted and honoured to be invited back to play the main stage at Hard Rock Hell. We’ve played there before and it’s been great for us. We really hope to see as many of you there as possible, singing along to songs old and new. It’ll be a blast. The venue for HRH has moved up in size, which is a great thing for us, the festival, you guys and rock music in general! Yes, we are excited!

Have another image then!




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